Friday, September 23, 2011

New Project!!

Hello everyone, sorry about the lack of blogging. Since school has started, I have not had the time to read, and thus, had nothing to write about. But, I have returned and I have a great idea for me and for the blog.

A couple days ago, I was given a copy of the BBC Top 200 list from 2003, AND the BBC Top 100 list from 2010. It technically was a shopping list, but as I was glancing at the novels on the list, I came to the conclusion that I should read all of them! So thats what my blog will be centered around for awhile. Of course I will have books that ARENT on the list, and we will still discuss other topics (New York Times Bestseller List, authors etc...)

I hope you all will follow me on this project, and if one great read comes out of it, I will consider it successful.

P.S I will NOT be going down the list in order. Since I have both of the lists meshed together, I will be informing you of what number they are on the list for both years, and since I have read some of the books on the list, I will write another review for the sake of the project. The first book I have to review is Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. Hopefully it will be up by Monday or Tuesday! Thanks for reading!!!