Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fahrenheit 451

Today I am sitting here, watching two people argue over how many pockets they have and where a pen is located.

While they do that, I reminisce about the book i recently read.

Fahrenheit 451 was to say the least amazing.

The protagonist in the story, Guy, is a happy fireman who loves his job, which is to burn books.
But when he meets his neighbor, a young woman who asks questions about life, he starts asking his own questions. Why do we burn books? Whats in them that makes them so bad? Why don't I just steal a book?

So that is what he does. He asks his fire chief about the history of books and on burn sites, he starts taking a couple with him. His little pick- pocketing however, endangers his novel collection, his house, and his life.

This book is in almost the exact same league as 1984. I can't say it's as good, but it definitely deserves 5 stars.

If you want a good book, this is what you need to check out. In fact, you do not get a choice. Go check this book out now.

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