Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance

When you think of Star Wars, most of you probably think of the original Luke Skywalker movies that started it all. But is that where the story ends? Absolutely not.

Ever since those films have been released, Star Wars has taken over the entertainment industry, including books.

Literally hundreds of authors have created hundreds of novels to show America the life of Luke Skywalker and the history of the Jedi Council. This book is part of a series that helps explain the history of the Jedi.

Over three thousand years before Luke discovers his force abilities, a young Padawan is just preparing to control his. His master, the Grand Master of the Jedi, thinks he is prepared for the trials to become a Knight. The rest of the Council however, is not so sure. Shigar has a lot of issues with his powers and needs more work. With help from a "retired" special agent, he might be able to.

Meanwhile, a smuggler crosses over a mysterious ship with mysterious merchandise. But instead of stealing the goods, the ship blows itself up. Unfortunately for them, the technology wasn't completely destroyed. In fact the merchandise can lead to a new, valuable planet that both the Empire and the Republic could use. The question is, which one gets to the planet?

This book to me, started out fairly slow. The first hundred pages or so dealt specifically with the introduction of the main characters. I almost stopped reading the novel just because of the slow start. But after you plow through the character briefing, the book is worth your time. I do have to warn you however, the novel takes place during a cold war between the Republic, the Empire, and various middle parties. You might need to do a bit of research before you take on this book. It begins after a war between the two governments and it carries on into this book. I recommend Wookiepedia if you have any questions while you read. I give this novel a 3.75 out of 5. If you like the Star Wars kinda thing, then this book is for you.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tom Clancy

Today, for the first time in Bookworm's Anonymous history, we will be discussing an author instead of the usual novel or book related post.

When you look at the New York Times Bestseller list, usually there are authors such as Stephen King, John Grisham, or Tom Clancy. The most popular authors always end up on the bestseller list because of their name. But Mr. Clancy takes it to a new level.

Nowadays when you see a new Tom Clancy novel out, it's not written by him. In fact most of them are written by his son. But to make them automatic bestsellers, Tom Clancy places his name on the cover.

So if you happen to be a Clancy fan and you want to read his newer works, just make sure to check the whole cover before you read it, chances are it isn't actually Tom Clancy.

NOTE: I am not writing this to ruin the Clancy family reputation. Both father and son are great authors and both deserve the status they have. I wrote this only to notify my fans that you need to check who is the actual author is. 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Face the Rain by Jennifer DeNaughel

Since I am a guy, I generally do not visit the Romance section of book stores, but I picked up this novel because of an upcoming book signing by a local author in my area.

Face the Rain is a romance/thriller taken place after a woman, Jenna, escapes from her abusive and murdering husband with her two children. Trying to rediscover the past, Jenna drives to the Oregon coast and moves into a beach house built by her father before she was born.

After settling in, Jenna recollects with her old friends. One of them is her old lover Ian ( also her sons daddy). But its not as easy as just settling back. Before leaving the coast, Jenna burned a lot of bridges. Not only did she leave on bad terms with Ian, but she left without telling Ian of her pregnancy.

To make things even worse, her ex husband escaped from jail and wants revenge. Can Jenna handle the problems waiting in the past? Can her and Ian get back together? Will Jenna's ex husband cause problems? You have to read to find out.

As I have mentioned before, I try not to read romance novels.  But for this one I can make an exception. The book was an easy read. It's faced paced and always leaves you guessing. Mrs DeNaughel, I have to give you kudos for this novel. I'll give Face the Rain 3.5 stars out of 5.

If you think this novel is worth a shot, you can find a couple copies at The Rubaiyat. The store is located at 117 S. 7th Avenue in Caldwell, ID 83605 between the creek and the railroad tracks.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cartels and Combinations by Mike Mcpheters

When you work to stop crime in America, you give a great service, but sometimes there can be a heavy price. Criminals won't stop at anything to gain revenge. They might even kill your family members.

Cartels and Combinations is a fiction novel based around a Hispanic family. Elena Guzman is the daughter of a prosecuting attorney and a niece to one of the most famous drug lords in Mexico. After she is kidnapped by the Vultures, her parents and an FBI agent work together to get her back, before it is too late.

The novel was introduced to me by the author himself. After he told me a little bit about his history, I decided to give his first fiction book a shot. I can't say I was disappointed. I've never been much into stories about drug lords, but I have to say this one was pretty good.

I do have to mention that there are a few "spiritual" scenes in the novel. Most of the characters are Mormon and there are a few sections in the book that discuss the faith. I wouldn't place the book under christian fiction, but I think it is necessary for my followers to be aware that some stuff is there. I still think the book is worth reading. I gave it a 3 out of 5 star rating. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011