Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heaven Is For Real

Some of you may be looking at the title of the blog, and immediately leave. And that is okay with me.

I am a religious person and I usually try to avoid presenting my beliefs to my fans in respect to their choices, but this book made me break my rule.

 I was first told about this book from my Pastor, who had read it and claimed it to be a life changing story. The New York Times Bestseller List currently has it on the very top of the Combined Print and E-Book Non Fiction, and I cannot argue with that placement.

Heaven Is For Real, is the story (whether it is true or not is up to you) of a little boy named Colton who, through a near death experience, ascends into Heaven and sees Jesus.

The story begins with the story of how Colton first told his parents' about him seeing Heaven. Then it goes into a brief history of the family and moves on to the troubles with Colton. On a family road trip, the four year old gets extremely sick, and eventually is sent to the hospital. After three different hospitals and a CT scan, they discover that Colton's appendix has burst, and has infected the neighboring organs. They sent him to surgery and tried to patch everything up. According to Colton, he saw Jesus as he was under the knife. 

Colton, after recovering from his illness, does not immediately tell his parents. In fact it is not until almost a year later until he begins informing his parents of his out of body experience.

The boy begins telling his parents stories from the Bible that a four year old surely would not have heard. He gives his parents' straight answers quickly when asked about Heaven, and they seem to match almost word for word with the Scripture.

It took me a little over two hours to read this novel. Once the story began, I could not put it down. The author( Colton's dad) did an extremely good job writing, and he kept the simplistic terms( like Heaven Is For Real) from Colton in the text, which I appreciate. 

The story was remarkable to me, and I give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

Even if you do not believe, I suggest you read it just to read it. It is well written and definitely worth your time. I think you might find the evidence hard to shake your finger at.

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