Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Town Like Alice: BBC Top 200 List #37 (2003) #96 (2010).

If you tend to read what I read -exciting, fast paced, maybe a little terrifying adventurous stories- the book I am about to review may not seem like something you would want to read, but on a rainy (or snowy), stressful day, you may just want a nice story. A Town Like Alice would be the perfect fit.

About the Book: 

The book starts off with the narrator describing how he met a certain (and may I say special) client of his. Jean Paget, a mere secretary for a shoe factory, learns that a distant relative of hers has passed away and she has come into a large sum of money. Bewildered by the idea of having enough money to not have to work the rest of her life, Jean Paget explains to her trustee what she plans on doing with her riches. 

The book, as I have mentioned before, is not fast paced by any stretch of the imagination. The story just flows along like a stream with a small rapid every once and awhile. It is not , however, the flow of the story that is important, it is the message hiding in the story. I give A Town Like Alice as strong 4 out of 5

Does it belong on the BBC List?

Yes. The novel may not have mystery or suspense, but the messages that come with the story I feel should be told for everyone.

Does it deserve its place on the BBC List?

In 2003, the book was 37th out of 200, in 2010, it was 96th out of 100. In my opinion, I think the book should be placed 37th out of 100. The novel is a great read, and a book with a message is always preferable. It's a book everyone should have in their adult library. 

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