Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hey Guess What?!! I Went to the Library!!

Thanks to gas prices (nowadays 3.63 is a bargain), the lack of jobs in my local area, and just the little nickles and dimes that are lost while living, my wallet holds little more than dust in it. But by all means that shouldn't affect my reading.

Your local library has many benefits. For one, of course, it's free. Two, well it's free. And three, uhhh it's freaking FREE. Besides those three points, the library also allows you to read through a book before you purchase it. Then if it's worth being in your own collection, you can buy it and feel great about it.

There are of course some downsides to the public library. If you want new books fast, then I wouldn't recommend the library. If you are a slow( and I mean really slow) reader, the library may cause problems( its not always free). And , if you like to read books that are in impeccable condition, don't go to the library.

Today I went to the local library and rented three books. Two Stephen King's ( I won't post about them because they are short stories) and a non-fiction work about one amazing coach ( Vince Lombardi), and one coach who should have picked a better team to coach (Tom Landry). The book is written from the perspective of Pat Summerall who served under them when they were both assistant coaches in New York. This book will be posted after I finish the King I am reading now( Needful Things).

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  1. The library isn't exactly free. It is supported by taxes. And it's great that you are using it, because it's a good way to decide what books you want to add to your permanent library. Just don't forget to stop by the bookstore and say hey.

  2. That is true Amy. It is an expense for the taxpayers, but its one I am glad to pay for. And I would never forget to stop by the bookstore.