Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jamie and the Magic Digger by Merri Halma

When people grow older, they lose bits and pieces of their imagination. Instead of screaming at things that go bump in the night and claiming immediately that it's a monster, we shrug it off and assume something practical.
And today most of us ( including me) laugh at the idea of talking, walking griffins and magic diggers. However, the book I just completed reunited myself with the imagination I have lost over the years.

Jamie Marshall is just a regular happy, go-lucky thirteen year old with a Magic Digger. He can change its shape by inserting the right key and can clean it in literally a blink.  But one day, when Jamie discovers a griffin statue, his life changes.

The griffin statue is actually a punished soul sent down to earth to help a certain child. As it turns out, the griffin is going to help Jamie not only with bullies, but also with the journey of a life time.

This book has an interesting quality in it. Merri Halma clearly has a very imaginative head on her shoulders, and I am glad she was able to place the story on paper. I do need to warn everyone that the book is very spiritual and I suggest parents to read it before passing on to their children. I gave the book 3 stars out of 5.

If this book seems worth your while, then please don't hesitate to purchase it on Amazon, or if you live near Caldwell, then you can buy them at the Rubaiyat. The address is located on the side of my blog. Also over there is a new poll for everyone to answer. The question is how many books have you read in your lifetime?
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