Monday, November 14, 2011

The Clan of the Cave Bear: #92 (2003)

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A few months ago, Jean M. Auel released the sixth and final book in the Earth's Children series The Land of the Painted Caves. When it was released,  my uncle got his hands on a copy and he was so ecstatic he gave the book 6 stars out of 5 on his reading list. Since I had never read any of the books (and saw the first one was on my list) I decided to read the first book.

About the Book:

After a vicious earthquake, little 5 year old Ayla is left as an orphan, forced by nature (or spirits) to survive on her own. On the brink of death, she is discovered by a travelling clan, homeless due to the same earthquake that murdered Ayla's mother. With a little persuasion and maybe luck, Ayla is permitted to stay with the Clan.

Does it deserve to be on the BBC List?

No... Do not get me wrong, I really, really, REALLY enjoyed the book. In fact, it is a book ( and a series) I plan to keep in my adult library for a long time. But as far as being on the Top 200 list, I do not think so. In my honest opinion, the book doesn't deserve a spot. It is a hard to pick 200 books out of how many books that have been published, but I just cannot say The Clan of the Cave Bear was good enough for that kind of praise. I will however recommend it to anyone who likes adventure stories, dealing with social acceptance, and the finding of one's self. In a couple years, I will definitely read it again. I give The Clan of the Cave Bear 3.5 stars out of 5

There is one available copy at The Rubaiyat located in Caldwell, ID 720 Arthur St. I recommend going down to purchase that book, and others you may see on my blog (they do have quite a few BBC books).
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  1. Surprisingly harsh, Cody. However, I have to agree, over all.

  2. I know it's a little harsh, but i still recommend the book for anyone who might enjoy it. It is a really good story