Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Series' in general

I think as of now, most of my fans either read regularly or at least enjoy reading a good book every once and awhile. A lot of people love to read books, but how many like to read Series?

As a rule, I tend to avoid series. For me, they ruin the freedom of reading. You get attached to a character in a series of books and you don't read anything else until you have caught up with the author, and when a new book arives in the series, you feel obligated not only to read it but refresh your memory by reading the beginning books over again.

But there is some joy in reading a series. When you open the new book, you get a sense of feeling at home. Your with a character that you are familiar with, you don't have to waist time picturing the setting, or the protagonist. It's already there in your head, waiting for you.

Currently I have four or five series I am reading.
One of them, The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, although it is finished by the author, I have not yet finished. I am at the fifth book.

Another one, which hasn't had a new book in I don't know how long, is the once popular Eragon series. I have caught up with the author and am waiting for the fourth novel to be released, if it ever is.

The John Corey series is yet another one I read continually. Also with this one, I have caught up with the author and am waiting for the sixth novel to be released.

My point here is to prove how clinging a series can be. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are bad.... Well I can't decide for you whether or not they are bad, so leave a comment and tell me what you think of series. Then you can follow my blog by clicking the Follow button right below the TMZ add.

In other news, the result of the poll for who will win the presidential election in 2012, Another Old Guy beats the competition in a landslide. The new poll is Do You miss football? Feel free to vote, you dont have to be a follower to vote. SO VOTE!!!!! And leave comments. And follow.!

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