Friday, March 11, 2011

The Ruins

In the month since my last blog, unfortunately I have not been able to read. Between school and my extra curricular activities, I just run out of time.

But a few books in particular did come across my way.

The first is called The Ruins, written by Scott Smith.
The book begins with two couples summer breaking in Mexico. They are enjoying life and getting wasted probably helped a little. But after they meet a German fellow who is distressed over his missing brother, everything turns wrong.

The four friends decide to help the German who's brother ran away with a woman to some distant part of Mexico where an archaeological dig is taking place. The only way to find the brother is a poorly drawn map below the farewell note.

A few hours later, the group is marching through the jungle trying to find the trail leading to the dig. But the local Mayan tribe is causing problems. First they hide the path by discreetly placing leaves over the path. Then once the team reaches the top of the hill the Mayans try to convince them to leave. And they do it in good taste.

The whole hill that supposedly held the archaeological dig is completely covered in vines. Nothing else seems to be growing on the hill. The Mayans try to force the group down the hill, but an adventurous photographer backs up a little too far towards the vines and the Mayans change their mind. The group is herded toward the hill and forced to stay by the whole village. But it is not the Mayans they need to worry about, it's the vine.

Scott Smith did an excellent job on this book. If you decide to read it (which i HIGHLY recommend) be sure to not plan anything for about 8 hours. You can't just read this book for 15 minutes. The book gets four stars out of five.

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