Thursday, October 4, 2012


I may not be able to post every day, or every week, or even every month (considering my last post was April 15th). I can, however, continue my blog and try to post as frequently as possible

Today's topic doesn't involve the Presidential Election (that is your job to decide who you want to vote for, I will not do it for you), it involves the most important item for any students anywhere. Of course I am talking about textbooks.

As I sit here writing this, I have three out of six textbooks sprawled next to me. I have two from previous semesters sitting atop my bookshelf, and I intend to keep many more throughout my college career.

Most of my books are published by Pearson (probably the head of textbook material). My chemistry, math, and biology books are all published through this business. As far as I am concerned, Pearson is a great resource for students. I remember using the same brand in high school, and even middle school (in fact, my biology book this semester is the same version we used in my AP Biology class my senior year).

Do I intend to use the books I keep? Absolutely yes. Biology is something I can read over and over again and still enjoy it. I mean come on, I have a copy of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin for my own entertainment. My anatomy book is great to look up illnesses and facts about our body. And not to mention my handy dandy Pocket Style Manual to give me pointers on Works Cited and grammar ( something I need all the time).

So what makes a book worthy of keeping? Well, it's easy to assume that books related towards your major are worth keeping, and that is true. But what about those that don't? I do not intend to keep my Pre-calculus book, and I will probably use this information throughout my life. It's all about interests. I love Medical Terminology, but it's not related to my major. But I kept it anyways. English and math are vital subjects for education, but the fact is I will never use my math books and English books again (besides the Pocket Style Manual), so I don't keep them.

Remember, college teaches you what you love. So highlight your books, study them like you study a bestseller novel, and enjoy the ride.

For all the local authors out there, I do need more to place on my wall :)
So send me a pic and some info, and I'll talk about your book and place it on the Wall of Local Authors.

Keep Reading!

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